Hi! My name is Miranda and I'm a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island. I'm studying Education and English with the hopes of one day teaching juniors or seniors at a high school in Rhode Island. Besides going to school I also work as a photo technician at my local CVS. I really love my job and I hope to work there until I get a teaching job.

My passions are reading, singing, and of course cooking! I love to experiment with different flavors and create tasty ways to eat healthy foods. I hope that I can get my blog off the ground and really pick up a following. As an English fanatic, I love to write and this blogging experience has been really great for me so far.

My boyfriend's name is Brent - I mention him in my blog sometimes. Together we're planning to lose a bunch of weight. We have very different ways of going about this, but I know that supporting each other is really going to help us reach our goals. Personally, I hope to lose two more pant sizes by the time June 1st rolls around... just in time for bathing suit season!

Finally, this blog isn't some sort of New Year's resolution, it's a documentation of a lifestyle change on a college budget. I don't want to lose a bunch of weight only to put it back on again. My goal is to learn how to balance and moderate my food intake and consume what is yummy and healthy for me!