Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brent Cooks for Me!

For a Valentine's Day special meal, Brent cooked me an awesome dinner! We're trying very hard to save money, so we decided that a romantic meal in would be a good alternative to an expensive night out. Also, we passed on exchanging gifts this year. Although Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, both of our birthdays and Christmas just passed, so this year we're just focusing on spending this nice night together.

Tonight when I came home, Brent was in full chef mode. All I saw was a blur as he was running around putting the finishing touches on everything. At first his gnocchi were in some kind of a lemon sauce, but neither of us liked it, so I heated up some regular tomato sauce for them instead. He also made garlic bread, steak, and a spinach&artichoke dip. The dip was AMAZING! I totally would have paid for that in a restaurant and I hope he makes it again soon :) He's so sweet... he told me that he's never cooked for anybody besides me, which makes me feel very special. Especially since this wasn't even the first time he's done it for me. He's a great cook. We watch the Food Network all the time. Way too much, ha ha!

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