Friday, February 11, 2011

Lobster Roll and Death by Chocolate Cake

Happy Friday!! For an end of the week treat, I accepted an invitation from my grandparents to take me and Brent out to dinner. We went to Gregg's for dinner, which is really NOT the best place to work on your healthy diet. Brent was worried about going since he's been doing such a good job, but reluctantly gave in, ha ha.

I couldn't resist myself when the waitress mentioned that one of tonight's specials was the Lobster Roll. I LOVE lobster and Brent and I just recently watched a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in which they featured a particularly yummy looking lobster roll that left me drooling. In order to make the meal a little healthier, I asked for the baked potato instead of fries and cole slaw. Unfortunately I simply cannot eat baked potato without (of course!) butter, sour cream, and salt. Brent was the epitome of controlled willpower, as he ordered the fish and chips complete with fries and then ate about half of my cake.

Right. Then came the cake. I had to! It was Gregg's and they have THE most amazing chocolate cake called Death By Chocolate. But I had about three bites, Brent had half, and we took the rest home.

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