Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving In & New Car!

Sorry that I haven't posted in forever! The internet at my new apartment isn't totally hooked up yet, so I've been MIA for the past few days. I have a lot of pictures from moving in and from what I ate, so I'll make two separate posts so that this one doesn't get really long.

After quickly meeting my landlord and seeing the apartment on Friday, I filled out a rental application. Later that day I got a call from him saying I'd gotten the apartment! He was probably desperate to fill it, considering it's only available until the end of May. But my old living situation was really not working out, and this was just the kind of place I was looking for. It's a little small... but, hey, for $650/month including all utilities, it's a steal!

These are pictures from it halfway set-up during the move on Sunday.

Also, over the weekend I stopped by in Woonsocket at my parents' house to pick up the "new" 1998 Toyota Camry they bought me! It's awesome and I love it a lot so far :)

Also, I just really want to thank my boyfriend. He was such a trooper! He came over Sunday afternoon and helped me move literally EVERYTHING from my old place to my new place. He's just pretty much the best thing ever XOXO.

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