Sunday, March 6, 2011

Messing Around With The Grown-Up Toys

When I got home to visit my parents in Woonsocket after work I made myself some tuna fish for dinner. It was yummy! I also made my overnight oats for the next morning.

They were so good! I made myself my usual peanut butter and banana oatmeal, but this time I added some Grape Nuts my mom had to give it some crunch. It was pretty good!

The normal peanut butter I buy is the organic peanut butter that's basically the Stop and Shop version of Teddy peanut butter. The Stop and Shop I used to go to didn't have Teddie peanut butter, so I thought none of them did. But new one does! So I bought some to try it and.... it's amazing! I'm never buying another kind of peanut butter again, ha ha. Everybody should use this peanut butter.

Since I can't take my guinea pig to live with me while I'm at URI, my mom takes care of him in Woonsocket. So whenever I get to go home, I like to play with him because I don't get to see him a lot. His name is Wesley... isn't he cute?!? :)

While I was at home, I got to play around with my dad's awesome professional camera... I'm so jealous! That's why all these pictures are so much better than they are usually, ha ha! I really want to get a Canon Rebel for this coming Christmas. I'm so sick of my crappy point-and-shoot... I really need a better camera to take good pictures of my food. 

This is a picture of my mom! I basically took a bunch of pictures of whatever I could while I could play around with it because I love taking pictures so much. 

For dinner my parents made prime rib with this (bad for you but super awesome) horseradish sauce, these fry-like potato things from her Julia Child cookbook, and popovers! It was all delicious :)

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