Friday, March 4, 2011

(Worse-than-Pea) Avocado Soup

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Again, I have no internet at my new apartment so it's tough to find the time/place sometimes. Tuesday afternoon my new blender came in and I made myself a smoothie that night! It was so yummy :)

Banana Mango Smoothie

The next morning I had peanut butter and banana overnight oats for breakfast Wednesday morning, mmmm.

Me with my new cat-eye sunglasses I got from Ebay in the car on the way home from school on Thursday.

Thursday night I had leftover stuffed peppers with a cheesy baked potato. They were still yummy a few nights later!

Last night I made avocado soup. I was expecting it to be amazing, because I LOVE avocados, but unfortunately it was pretty disgusting! I had a few spoonfuls and ended up throwing away the entire batch that I made. It was that gross! I should've known since it had yogurt in it, but I couldn't even taste the yogurt in the recipe. The soup is supposed to be served cold, but since I dislike cold soups and it tasted kind of bad, I decided microwaving it a little bit might make it a little better. I was wrong. It became so much more revolting.

This morning I had the yummiest breakfast (which totally made me forget to eat lunch, so my stomach was growling like crazy at work by 2pm!). I bought a canteloupe at Stop and Shop on Sunday for I think $2.50 and finally cut it open today. It has been sitting on my table all week but I didn't ever have the time to eat it or anything to do with it. Adapted from a recipe in the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook I made a slice of canteloupe covered in warm blueberries (I microwaved about a quarter cup of frozen blueberries I got on sale for $2 at Stop and Shop last week).

Tonight I worked until 7 and afterwards went home to visit my parents in Woonsocket (*cough* *cough* ... do laundry... *cough* *cough*). I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up some staples I don't have in Woonsocket to make myself overnight oats for tomorrow morning and a bread-less tuna fish sandwich for dinner tonight. It was yummy! I made it with English cucumbers because those were the ones on sale, which gave it a distinctively different flavor. It was pretty good, although I think I prefer the regular cucs.

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