Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, today Brent and I took a "roadtrip" to Woonsocket (where my parents live) to bring up my old mattress and small refrigerator from North Kingstown. It's about a 45-minute drive... but in Rhode Island that's definitely a day trip! We both had a very long Friday, so we decided to sleep in, and ended up leaving the house around 1pm. I picked up this magazine at work yesterday (I love magazines for $1.99), which I started reading while Brent was depositing his checks at the bank.

For a late breakfast/lunch on the road I had a Zone Perfect Fudge Graham bar...

And a milk chocolate Slim Fast shake. I always drink my shakes out of this handy reusable bottle. It's got a great seal that won't open up in my backpack if I take it to school - and it's the perfect size! I also have a bigger 36-oz. one in blue that I keep water in and bring everywhere (it's especially good for work).

By the time we finished dropping off my mattress and the fridge, and said hi to my parents, it was 4:30pm and I was STARVING! Brent didn't want to waste his calories, but I decided to use a coupon and gift card that I got for Christmas to stop at Subway for a yummy early dinner.

When I go to Subway, I always get the same thing.... turkey breast on 9-grain wheat with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mustard. 

The coupon also came with a free drink. I don't usually get drinks when I order fast food because I always have water on me, but since it was free I got a Diet Coke.

Me in the car with Brent on the ride home. Tired!!

The lovely weather outside.

One of my Christmas presents was Reebok EasyTone sneakers. I love them! I know the commercials are kind of silly and I'm obviously not going to get a butt like that just from wearing these sneakers to work. But hey... I mind as well get a little bit of an extra work-out while I'm walking around CVS for hours at a time. Who knows if they actually work, but they're cute, and every little bit helps!

Brent laughing as I take pictures of him and us in the car.

Since we always fight about each other's music, we decided to drive back from Woonsocket without it. We ended up talking about our diets. I always worry that he doesn't get enough to eat, because he prefers one big meal per day and a few small snacks, while I eat many small meals throughout the day. He likes protein shakes, protein bars, and bananas, while I'm constantly stuffing myself with stuff like tunafish, fiber one bars, and grapefruits. He said that I shouldn't worry because it worked for him before and it makes him feel good, so I'll try not to! 

I mentioned that I've been worrying that my weight loss is going to plateau soon. He suggested that maybe I should start walking with him. Especially with my new goal to start running, I definitely liked that idea. I said we should go for a quick one when we got back to his house... Let's even take the dog! 

But maybe exercising isn't in the cards for me, because about a block away from Brent's house, the dog cut back and forth in front of me a few times, which caused me to fall over and sprain my ankle very badly! I was down on the ground crying for a good five minutes. Brent was beside himself, not knowing how to help me. It hurt worse than when I broke my foot! Brent left me with the dog to lick the tears from my face and ran and got the car to take me back home. Now I'm lying with my ankle up on pillows with ice. I can't even stand on it! I even had to call out of work tomorrow... I asked if I could sit at the cash register on a chair and they said no!

At least I have my new stuffed bunny (I couldn't resist buying from CVS yesterday) to keep me company ;) And a boyfriend of course, ha ha! He already washed the scrapes on my knee with a hot washcloth and antibacterial soap. He's the best XOXO.

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